Deliverable no.Deliverable nameResource type
D1.2Final activity report (technical and financial)
D2.1List of indicators/indices to be proposed to stakeholders
D2.2List of suitable data sources and of newly acquired data

Annex 1
D3.1Report on HIGHLANDER data platform extension implementing SEBASTIEN data lake
D3.2Report on analytical and ML/AI procedures for the indicators/indices database ingestion
D4.1Stakeholder Engagement Plan
D4.2Filled fit-to-use/-purpose scores’ matrix for indicators/indices
D5.1Dissemination and Communication Plan
D5.2Project video teaser
D5.3Sustainability and Upscaling Plan
D5.4Project storytelling material
D6.1Compiled descriptive catalogue of background and foreground data expected and suitable for the Open Portal

Annex 1
D6.2Document describing Portal’s architecture
D6.3Interactive multi-dimension visualization & dissemination tools