The Project

SEBASTIEN wishes to implement large-scale ICT-based services to support smart livestock farming and management, while reducing risks and taking opportunities posed by climate change and its variability, as well as by other concurrent environmental stressors and anthropogenic pressures.

Latest news

At the ICAR event (  held in Monteral from 27 May to 2 June 2022, AIA presented two works related to the LEO project: LEO: A National-wise open big-data facility on livestock. R. Negrini & LEO CONSORTIUM.In-farm and environmental THI measurement for mitigation of Heat Stress in […]
SEBASTIEN activities never stop
SEBASTIEN activities continue also during this hot summer! Online and in presence meeting are continuing. Here, the picture of the meeting  of the SEBASTIEN Outreach team  that was held at Lecce on 5th of July in mixed form at CMCC Headquarter. Stay tuned for the next news!
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