SEBASTIEN Data Portal is designed to enable interoperability, sharing and re-use of data. To do this, included data will be harmonized. The portal is fully interacting and linked with the HIGHLANDER Data Portal.

IoT sensors on animals will collect data in real time, such as body temperature, blood oxygen saturation, movement/positioning, resting time and heartbeat. These traits are associated with heat tolerance and animal health and wellbeing status. Technologies developed in the IoT environment and Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) protocols will be applied in the collection and management of complex data sources (e.g. climate, animal health/welfare and performances, -omics). All the data will be implemented in prediction models and tools to guarantee resilience of livestock systems. The idea is to identify the biological basis of heat stress resilience applying systems biology and AI approaches for the development of animal welfare and genomic selection predictive models.