In October, the SEBASTIEN project was promoted by AIA at the following events in conjunction with the dissemination of the LEO project:

  • Teramo, 15th October, One Health Award – “LEO project: Italian livestock heritage in a single digital platform for the ONE HEALTH objective”
  • Montichiari (BS), 21st October, 94th edition FAZI– At the ANAFIBJ technical conference “SENSORS AND DAIRY COW SELECTION”, the work: “NEW SENSORS: tools and technologies for a state-of-the-art milking control service” was presented, with the aim of showcasing the new technologies to be used for milking control and the new parameters defined by the LEO project
  • Montichiari (BS), 22nd October, 94th edition FAZI – During the final ALL4ONE conference, ‘Data Utilisation – Livestock Environment Opendata’ was presented, showcasing examples of the practical use of OPEN DATA

(Photo by Ryan Song on Unsplash)



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