Sebastien will provide an Open Data and Services Exploitation Web Portal that will be a single access point to data, services and informative content. The web Portal will deliver four main services:

Service 1: Coping with environmental stressors for breeds to support livestock farming towards breed adaptation to environmental conditions and production needs.
  • Species/Breeds: cattle (Italian Holstein and Rendena), sheep, goats
  • Areas: various, across Italy
Service 2: Intensive farming risk management under climate extremes to alert about approaching or projected dangerous environmental circumstances for cattle. 
  • Breed: cattle (Italian Holstein, specialized in milk production)
  • Areas: various, across Italy
Service 3: Extensive farming management and feed availability based on indicators/indices about the phenological stage and greening of the naturally vegetated or managed areas used to feed livestock heads when conducted outdoors.
  • Species/Breeds: sheep, goats, cattle (Rendena, adapted double purpose to Alpine valleys conditions)
  • Areas: Sardinia, Northern Italy (Alpine valleys), other potential sites across Italy
Service 4: Livestock farming under risks from combined abiotic and biotic factors to provide updated risk maps of parasites and diseases spread.
  • Species: sheep, goats
  • Areas: Sardinia, Tuscany, other potential sites across Italy.

The released Services’ Platform will contribute to making the livestock sector more environmentally (esp. climate) while also socio-economically sustainable and valuable, balancing needs and priorities of different stakeholders.